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Business Partnership

  • If you are having IT services, web development or media marketing agency company, this model best suits to you.We work with you project manager or developing team.
  • You give us your client’s requirement, we will give you quote and analysis report with our competitive price, On confirmation we will carry out all design and developing part of the project.On completion we will hand over white label project to you.


  • You send us an inquiry, we will send you the quote, you put up your margin and give the new quote to your clients, On confirmation we manage complete project with programming and development, On finish we get what we charged you and you get what you charged to your clients.
  • Users are authenticated before being given access.
  • Regular virus scans are performed to detect and eliminate virus threats.
  • Regular software updates and security patches, offered by the software vendors, are installed. Log files are maintained which enable effective monitoring and tracking of usage.
  • Access to personal email is disallowed and pen drivers and CD drivers are disabled on all systems.
  • Routine check is being done on developer’s machine to ensure that the system is secured.
  • Back-up of the data are taken at regular intervals and stored in multiple storage media to ensure that the data is secured and the latest data is always available.
  • Authorized IP addresses will only have the access to the administration interface of a web application which prevents unauthorised user from accessing the application.
  • We make sure that all sensitive data is stored in encrypted format into the database.

Independent Individual Partnership

  • Work as Re-seller plan but We provide help
  • We give you our brand name and portfolio for lead generation, After lead generation we completely handle the lead which you will be the middle man and representative of our company. On project completion we will give you predefined commission.
  • You will be in loop with Codefaktory and client from start to end with all transparency.
  • You will be given one Relationship manager and one project manager for any queries and communication.

Referral Partnership

  • In this model, we both mutually agree on term of commission/incentive of every new account you bring.
  • Give our reference and you will earn up to 25% of total revenue of the project given by your reference.

Built operate transfer partnership

  • Build:Built : We help you to build complete developing center with necessary task like hiring, infrastructure setup, licencing, assets setup etc. depend upon your requirements with in time limit.We will put our expertise to put the best skilled developing/designing team, software/hardware structure to cater your developing needs.
  • Operate:For decided time frame, Codefaktory will operate the developing center on your behalf. While, the financial and operational part commitment should be carried out by you.
  • Transfer: On end of decided operating time frame, we will hand over complete developing center to you. We will make sure, that every requirements of yours should fulfil.
  • Even after handing over the developing centre, we will give our best support if needed.

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